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IV.  Faults as geological and physical body

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!-st author
Title of report
Jacques Angelier et al. France Serpentinite massifs may provide accurate records of polyphase tectonic evolution in highly deformed belts: an example in Taiwan
Liu Liqiang,
Liu Liqiang, Liu Peixun and Ma Jin
Chine Experiment System on the Physical Field and the Thermal Effect as a Result of Tectonic Deformation
Bataleva E.A. Kyrgyzstan  
Bobrov A.A. Irkutsk  
Bogomolov L.M., Kuzikov S.I., Kostuk A.D., Rybin A.K., Sychev V.N., Sycheva N.A. Kyrgyzstan Peculiarities of fault zones and their interaction with external physical fields.
Genshaft Yu.S., Bazhenova G.N. Moscow The influence of shear stress on mineral transformations
Gufeld I.L., Sychev V.N. Moscow  
Zverev S.M. Moscow Active faults in convergence zones: interior structure (from DSS and MCS data), seismicity
Kalinin E.V., Panasiyan L.L., Barykina O.S. Moscow Characteristic of the state of stress of influence zone of tectonic fault
Kocharyan G.G. Moscow Evolution of fault zones mechanical properties.
Kissin I.G. Moscow The role of the fluids in formation of shearing
Kustov Yu.I. Irkutsk The fault tectonics influence of Sourth-Easten Baikal rift on the composition of  the mineral groundwater of Tunka depression
Lebedev E.B. Moscow  
Letnikov F.A. Irkutsk Synergetic of process into fault body
Nikolaev A.V. Moscow  
Pavlenkova N.I.  Moscow Types of the faults and fault zones in the continental lithosphere from seismic data
Popov S.A. Zamanskaya M.Yu. Ukraine Structural-substantial transformations of the Middle Bug  area break zones on the magnitometric data.
Rebetsky Yuri Leonidovich Moscow Stress, strength, intrastruction and metamorphic transformation into fault body
Ruzhich V.V. Irkutsk Seismically active faults:  behavior of circum-fault strains and  interaction with external physical fields
Saltykovsky A.J., Patonin A.V., Ladigin V.M., Vinogradov Yu.K. Moscow On petromagnetical properties of basalts had been tested by structural-deformation changes (based on experiments) 
Seminsky K.Zh. Irkutsk Internal structure of fault zones: applied aspect of tectonophysical researches
Seminsky K.Zh. heremnich A.V., Bobrov A.A., Kozhevnikov N.O. Irkutsk The fault zones of Pribaikalia: internal structure and geophysical fields
Spivak A.A. Moscow Tectonic fault as a regions of intensive interection between geoshperes
Sokolova Yu.F. Moscow  
Travin V.V., Kozlova N.E. Petrozavodsk  
Traskin V. Moscow Rehbinder effect in tectonophysics
Chikov B.M. Novosibirsk Focal sphere of earthquake as a deformation-metamorphic structure of the Earth's crust.
Sherman S.I. Irkutsk Tectonophysics and contiguous sciences: seismology
Yakovotskaya G.E., Vostretsov A.G. Novosibirsk  

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